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Our Facility

At Desert Crafts, we have an excellent set of designers who carry out research on emerging fashion trends, design and develop new products each season and work with our clients in a collaborative manner to deliver a high degree of customization according to their tastes.

The design team is supported by a well-versed fabric and trims’ sourcing team, an experienced pattern making and cutting team and an in-house set of well-maintained machines. We have a capacity of producing 25,000 to 30,000 pieces per month in-house.

From fabric sourcing, pattern making, material sourcing to sampling and production, ironing, buttons to button hole machines, packaging, we have everything in-house. We have a team of assistant designers, merchandisers, pattern masters, sampling and production tailors and helpers with a very good experience in manufacturing garments as per international standards..

We also get fabric printed and embroidered from our trustworthy resources with whom we have been working for years. Be it rotary or digital, hand block or flat bed, we can get whatever prints are needed. In embroidery and surface ornamentation, we have machines in house and get bulk production outsourced from our vendors. We also have a talented pool of craftsmen to carry out hand embroidery
and bead work on garments, if required.


We have a set up of 80 machines in-house including ancillary machines. We have a qualified and creative team of designers, pattern masters, skilled tailors and helpers.  

  1. Ample space for our tailors to operate from – we have not crammed machines one-behind-another to make the space for our employees cramped.

  2. Ambient white light across the entire factory to improve vision.

  3. A working fire-fighting system, smoke sensors, sprinklers, extinguishers and wide-open fire escape routes are maintained at our factory to face any unfortunate contingency.

  4. We operate only one eight hour shift. In an odd instance when we need to work overtime, all the employees are compensated for their extra on a pro-rata basis and food is arranged for them at our cost.

  5. We work six-day work-weeks, as per the norm in Indian manufacturing. Sundays are the weekly off.

  6. A safe workplace for diverse staff members – we have both, women and men tailors, helpers, cutting staff, etc. All employees come from a diverse set of religions and geographies in India.

  7. Wages – we believe in paying a fair wage to all our employees. The minimum wage level for our lowest paid tailors is at least 50% above the statutory minimum wage prescribed by the law locally.

Responsible business practices:-

We are a SMETA 4-pillar audited member of Sedex. Irrespective of being a member of Sedex or any other ethical business forum, we treat our employees fairly. We have a mix of employees from different backgrounds and religions. We prefer to hire women in need when possible. We do not employ child labor at any point throughout our value chain, and encourage our employees to educate their children, with an aim to uplift each one of them economically and socially.

Our Certifications

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